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Dedicated Development Team

GSA Company may offer you a wide range of services in planning, development and support of your software using an independent team of developers or a remote development center. We staff a team of experts in development, design, configuration management, QA technologies and project management. This type of cooperation enables us to develop our products at maximum efficiency and transparency, and thus achieve a result that is as precise to our customers’ necessities as possible.

The Best IT experts in your team

Our HR unit chooses our staff members from the best IT experts: developers, project managers, architects, analysts, and QA engineers. We perform a complete review of professional skills and team compatibility of our candidates, enabling them to fully concentrate and show their best at professional activities without distracting on staff and technical problems. You also have an option to interview our experts to choose the most suitable for your needs. The specialists you choose become the members of Your own development team or a part of a remote development unit.

Skills, techniques and development practices

At our Company we adopt a high level of software development habits and culture, ensuring high productivity of our development teams. While building a team for you, we take care that every member of the development process follows the rules needed for effective cooperation and optimal fulfillment of the objectives given by you.

Mitigating risks

Our Company takes all the responsibility to ensure the uninterrupted development process of the staff stationed at our office and thus guarantees the achievement of the claimed goals.

We provide you with the best experts in project management, development and QA engineering that perform as your own remote development unit you can rely on.

Advantages of placing your development team in GSA

The wealth of choice
Easy scaling
Access to a large number of high quality IT professionals. We have a good skill of building high-performing teams of specialists
Placing development team in Ukraine, you can save up to 50% of the budget for the development of applications
You can easily reduce and increase the number of people in your team